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Digital talent in healthcare

Empower Your Pharma Projects with On-Demand Expertise

Talent Inhouse provides specialized, scalable teams tailored to your project’s specific needs

How many times have you thought:

  • 1I’m not sure how long the project will last.
  • 2They’ve put someone on my team and completely forgotten about them.
  • 3Everything’s going so fast and there’s no development plan in place.
  • 4If people go on sick leave, the project will come to a standstill.

We are fully aware of these difficulties, we experience them with our clients every day. That is why we want to offer you a model of Talent as a Service (TaaS), which has brought so much success and joy to our customers.

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Talent inhouse: The best digital talent when and where you need it

Human capital is the key to this new technological era, and we believe that people are the real drivers of change. How are we going to incorporate a unique and personalised Talent as a Service model in your departments? With our Talent inhouse service, which will provide you with the digital experts that your project needs at any given time, supporting your key business areas so you can focus on heading your digital projects.

  • 20 year experience
  • +60 projects
  • +97% client satisfaction
  • <3% employee turnover
  • +40.000 working days

Over these years our clients have demanded flexibility, quality and agility when hiring professional services. And, we’ve become very good at providing the right professionals for the job. This is why we now provide this as a specialized service!


Service aligned with your needs

Optimise your company’s resources and avoid costly training for highly qualified digital professionals. At Quodem, we’ve developed a flexible service that will adapt to your company and your specific needs.

Targets and KPIs to be met
Short-term project? Secure the expertise for exactly

Professional profiles and competencies (technical and soft skills)Facing a skills gap? Our deep pool of pharma experts is ready to jump in.

Support needs (Management, technical, business, etc.)Navigating regulatory challenges? Let our compliance specialists clear the path.

How we do it?

You’re not hiring professionals to add to your workforce, you’re engaging a service, which is where the difference lies. Talent inhouse is an instant, ongoing, flexible solution that can be tailored to your needs. It’s not a temporary work agency, a headhunting service or a recruitment company. It’s a comprehensive service that searches for and integrates digital professionals wherein we take care of everything you need so you have a Talent as a service (TaaS) model in place in your company.

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What makes us stand out?
Why Talent Inhouse?

Adapt rapidly with on-demand pharma expertise.
Seamless integration into your existing teams.
Scalable solutions from one expert to a full team.

Our Talent inhouse service is one of a kind:

Talent Inhouse Service Headhunters Temporary work agency
Candidate recruitment and selection
In-depth knowledge of the digital sector
Detailed analysis of the candidate’s profile in the business
Time and cost savings due to specialisation in digital transformation
Follow-up and continuous support for the professional before and after incorporation
Support for implant activity
Flexible service plans
Coverage for sick leave

Case Study

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Top Pharma Company Digital Marketing Success:

Enhancing Our Client’s Digital Marketing Through Expertise and Innovation
Need for sophisticated content strategy and digital tool utilization to enhance Our Client’s marketing efforts.

Solution Provided:

tailored adaptationTailored to your specific requirements
Seamless integrationSeamless integration with your existing teams
scalable solutionScalable solution: from a single expert to full work teams


  • Increased engagement rates by 45%
  • Streamlined content creation processes, and enhanced digital tool utilization.
  • “The creative talents and technical expertise have exceeded our expectations.”
  • For over five and a half years, Talent Inhouse has been at the forefront of driving Our ‘s digital marketing strategies through our dedicated Digital Marketing team. Specializing in content strategy, the team leveraged cutting-edge digital tools to optimize communication processes, enhance audience engagement, and improve operational efficiencies. Our role was instrumental in automating marketing material creation, managing complex digital assets, and providing actionable insights through advanced analytics. This long standing partnership highlights our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations in the dynamic pharmaceutical sector.
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What do our clients think?

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«Talent Inhouse’s team not only brought technical expertise to our digital marketing efforts but also a creative flair that elevated our content strategy to new heights».

Top Pharma, Senior Manager, Global Content Operations

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«Their profound understanding of digital tools and pharmaceutical regulations ensured our marketing messages were both impactful and compliant, making them a valuable partner».

Top Pharma – Content Strategy

comillas naranjas

«The dedication and innovative approaches of the Talent Inhouse team have consistently enhanced our digital communications, making them a pivotal element of our marketing success».

Top Pharma, Senior Manager

Clients that already work with us

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